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   Fishing the tropical waters of South Florida with my father and grandfather inspired me as a kid to draw and paint the fish I caught or aspired to catch. I always wanted to eventually sell my ocean related art, but visions toward improving mankind through business endeavors became my first priority. After consistently experiencing growing roadblocks to innovation erected by government, I began to dig deeply into the landscapes of economic thought schools and political philosophy to uncover the reasoning and consequences of our government's actions. I am now communicating the important messages I discovered through art.

All the while I've enjoyed developing my ocean themed artwork and have decided to market both growing portfolios through two brands: Walsh Ocean and Heckle Sketch. My wife Alyson and I live in Boston where the cold weather and waters spur nostalgic inspiration for tropical images. I also have a BS in Marketing from the University of Florida, and I continue to run sales and marketing for Tangerine Wellness, a business I co-founded in 2004.
I work with a wide array of mediums including acrylics, watercolors, pen & ink, colored pencil, and charcoal on a variety of surfaces.
2/27/12 - displays "Ben and the Fat Cat Banksters" at the foundation's headquarters
2/24/12 - Billy Walsh to present the art of Heckle Sketch at Atlas Society Summer Seminar
12/27/11 - Heckle sketching: Why I paint instead of innovate - Published by Cobden Centre
12/22/11 - The Freedom News Hour Radio Show Interviews Billy Walsh

Thank you to the many blogs that have showcased "Ben and the Fat Cat Banksters".
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Walsh Ocean: Fine Art, Photography, & Merchandise
Inspired by fishing and snorkeling the waters of the Caribbean, Sea of Cortez, South Pacific, and other exotic tropical environments, Billy Walsh uses a wide range of mediums to capture a unique perspective of life above and below water in the tropics. Walsh Ocean offers this art and photography through a variety of high-quality prints and merchandise.
Heckle Sketch: the art of interrupting mainstream politics and economics
The world's mainstream politicians and economists are wreaking havoc on our economy and freedom. Important historical lessons are disappearing from our memories. The art of Heckle Sketch offers a memento of these extraordinary times while communicating critical, but ignored messages. The subjects of each piece are the ideas of Billy Walsh. Currently all paintings are by Walsh as well. However, if the subject ideas are not able to be brushed on canvas as fast as society unveils them, Heckle Sketch will bring in other artists to do so. If you are a statesman of any mainstream political or economic creed, you are not immune to getting heckle sketched!
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